Jazz Trade For Nets’ Ben Simmons In Blockbuster Proposal

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Every NBA player doesn’t follow the same path. Some players peak early, while others peak late. Even then, some players’ trajectory is all over the map: they’ll regress, only to improve again. 

Ben Simmons of the Brooklyn Nets is hoping to have that exact trajectory. It’s hard to believe now, but at one time, Simmons was an All-NBA talent. He was one of the best defensive players in the NBA, and one of the league’s best passers as well. Unfortunately, Simmons has regressed mightily in recent years. 

What happened? Well, a combination of factors has led to Simmons’ downfall. He’s been injured, but moreover, some confidence issues seem to have hampered him as well. Could the Utah Jazz take a risk on him anyway? 

The Trade Proposal Brooklyn Nets Receive: G Collin Sexton, F/C Kelly Olynyk, G Kris DunnUtah Jazz Receive: F/C Ben Simmons, 2025 First-Round Pick (PHX via BKN) 

With that said, every player’s trajectory isn’t tracked as closely as Simmons. He’s been under a microscope throughout his NBA career. Granted, Simmons was a number one pick – this comes with the territory. Still, even some lottery picks aren’t watched as closely as Simmons. 

Take the Jazz’s Kris Dunn. This was a lottery pick. The Chicago Bulls selected Dunn with the fifth overall pick in the NBA draft. Dunn had a couple of solid seasons, but all told, he hasn’t nearly met expectations as a lottery pick. For whatever reason, he’s not nearly as talked about as Simmons. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Ben Simmons, Brooklyn Nets & Utah Jazz Updates

That’s not the only point of comparison between these two. Do the shortcomings of each make for an indictment on defense-first point guards who can’t shoot? Or, is it simply that these two players didn’t work out? Should the Jazz really flip the less heralded draft bust for the one with the larger profile? 

Why The Utah Jazz Do The Deal 

Arguably, the Jazz aren’t even doing this deal for Simmons. They’re doing it for the first-round pick. None of the players they’re sending out here would likely net one on their own accord. On the other hand, if the Jazz were willing to absorb Simmons’ contract, they could land a pick. 

With that said, if Simmons returns to form? This would be a heist. That’s the gamble that the Jazz are making here. It’s a smart one. Simmons is still comfortably young enough to improve. Still, even if he’s never a productive NBA player again, they’re getting a good deal here by picking up an unprotected first.

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Ben Simmons, Brooklyn Nets & Utah Jazz Updates

Meanwhile, the Jazz already have one of the best collections of draft capital in the NBA. Adding another pick puts them in an optimal position. In time, they could even package Simmons’ contract with a bundle of draft capital for a superstar. Should the Nets put them in that position? 

Why The Brooklyn Nets Do The Deal 

The Nets have one of the best collections of draft capital in the league as well. They can spare one first. After all, what they don’t have is an incentive to lose. For all of the picks this team has, the Nets owe their own first-round picks, whether outright or via swap, to the Houston Rockets through to 2027.

By that logic, they don’t have time to wait and see if Simmons gets back on track either. If the Nets can find a deal for him, they should cut their losses. This would be a good deal. In theory, the Nets should be getting three valuable rotation players back here. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Ben Simmons, Brooklyn Nets & Utah Jazz Updates

Of course, Sexton has been on an uneven trajectory in his own right. Prior to an injury, he was looking like one of the best young scorers in the NBA. With that said, he looked closer to his old self last season than Simmons did. If the Nets want to bet on Sexton’s trajectory, he’s got a better chance of rewarding them. 

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