Jay Wright on why ‘team mentality’ is the biggest battle of March

Yahoo Sports’ Krysten Peek spoke to the former Villanova head coach about managing teams in the biggest month of the season and what it’s like to be on the hot seat during the most important month of the season.

Video Transcript

– Jay, The NCAA tournament is right around the corner. What are head coaches going through right now?

JAY WRIGHT: Right now, starting to get ready for it. They’re fighting, depending on their positioning, with their team’s mentality. Some teams that are really successful are kind of looking ahead, and you got to keep them focused. Some teams that are on the bubble, they’re so concerned with the pressure. They want it so bad that they might not just concentrate on the next day of practice, the next game. There’s so much noise around them. So this time of year, everybody’s amped up.

It’s all good stuff, but you’re battling to keep your team focused on getting better today in practice, prepare for the next game.

KRYSTEN PEEK: For the coaches that are in the hot seat this year, and its tournament or bust, you mentioned the pressure. What sort of pressure are they facing in postseason play?

JAY WRIGHT: If you’re one of those coaches that you kind of know you’re on the hot seat, you have to try to separate your team from that, and try to protect them from all of that. Most coaches probably, Krysten, if I’m honest, would say to their guys like, hey, guys. Don’t worry about me. This is not about me. You have one chance in your life to get to the NCAA tournament. Let’s concentrate on playing our best, and don’t let this noise get to you because players hear it too.

And they care about their coaches, you know? And the coach doesn’t want that extra pressure on their players to have to worry about their careers too.

KRYSTEN PEEK: This feels like a year where there’s going to be a lot of movement in the coaching carousel. How has the NIL and the portal changed that for coaching?

JAY WRIGHT: It’s really interesting because I think if you look at the Chris Holtmann…

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